Safety Job's by ANSII

Many companies struggle with recruiting safety and health professionals. It can be difficult to evaluate which candidates truly have the qualifications to match your needs. ANSII can help.

We will quickly provide you with qualified candidates who have experience in your specific business. We recruit and place candidates nationwide and worldwide.

We are safety professionals recruiting safety professionals. ANSII is well-connected in the industry, which enables us to keep a full database of qualified candidates. Because this is our area of expertise, ANSII exclusively recruits safety professionals for our clients.

We save your time and money, candidates we present to you are well qualified – not just names an agency gathered from an internet ad. ANSII pre-screens all candidates through performing interviews and reference checks. This allows us to expedite the process of hiring a permanent safety professional, from your initial request to the fulfillment of the position. ANSII is an economical solution to filling your organization’s open safety positions.

We guarantee our work. If you hire one of our candidates and you are not completely satisfied within the first six months, we will recruit a replacement at no additional charge.


We are accepting resumes for full-time health and safety positions across the India & Gulf Countries. If you are a health and safety professional looking for a permanent position, please register on our job board or send CV to